Team Jadi Pays It Forward With A Radical Collaboration To Save The Planet

Bluhumun creates fine art apparel as a dynamic “donation” platform to raise funds, educate, drive awareness, and invest in projects that improve environmental and social justice globally!

For every purchase, Bluhumun donates 1/3 of our profits to help cause-related, non-profit organizations reach their conservation impact goals, and ultimately, improve our planet! And team Jadi is donating 100% of our design and production time to support Bluhumun!

By wearing Bluhumun apparel, your purchase contributes to Music4ClimateJustice.org who is inspiring alliance across continents to globally raise funds and drive legislation to impact climate outcomes in alignment with UN SDG-13.

“We’re Committed to Climate Justice, Are You?”

Be a Bluhumun – Let’s make a positive impact together!

Work includes: Strategy, branding, marketing communications, identity, website / mobile design and development, T-Shirt Designs, creative content, illustration, and ongoing advertising, social media and paid media.

Visit https://www.bluhumun.com
Please buy T-Shirts and Jadi will donate to help support our planet

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