Jadi partners with DH Lifelabs to create and launch a breakthrough home and office Air Purifier and Air Sterilizer Product Line worldwide, US/UK/Japan/China.

Jadi work includes: Strategy, branding, marketing communications, brand / product line naming and identity, website / mobile design and development, capabilities videos, demo video, product and technology videos, VFX, product design, creative content, animation and illustration, and ongoing advertising, social media and paid media.

Let’s share a meal again. Let’s have playdates again. Let’s reconnect.
Now we can, because Airia actively seeks out and destroys 99.9% of microbes on contact — including the Covid-19 virus.

This is about more than clean air. More than health. It’s about bringing people back together.
It’s about enjoying each other’s company, live and in person, without worry.
Sharing sit-down meals with neighbors. Catch-up chats with colleagues. Great big hugs with grandparents. And even just long-forgotten smiles with strangers.

Thanks to a pinch of Nature and a dash of science, we can reconnect. Right here at home.

A purifier that just passively filters the air isn’t enough anymore.
Airia actively seeks out and sterilizes 99.9% of all microbes
throughout the room — air, surfaces, and floors.

Airia disinfects & deodorizes the entire room — continually — no matter who is coming and going through the house. Kids. Pets. Extended family and friends, and everyone else we invite to share our lives. Learn more

The incredibly powerful disinfectant you’d invent if Nature hadn’t already.
Airia generates HOCl — Nature’s own medical-grade sterilizer — to destroy 99% of all microbes throughout the room. So what is HOCl exactly? Unbelievably simple, it’s just plain, wet water. And normal, everyday salt. That’s it. Water and salt. As in saltwater. As in 75% of the planet.

HOCl is stronger than bleach, yet safe enough for a baby’s pacifier. Thanks Nature!
Learn more

HOCl is 100% naturally safe and essential in hospitals, restaurants, farming, and grocery stores around the world.
Airia re-engineers a bit of established science to bring home a new, proven solution — both throughout the room and specifically for surfaces.
Learn more about Airia+Surface

You can smell the difference.
HOCl is also a natural deodorizer, eliminating dog funk, teen funk, even the most pervasive odors with a recognizable, refreshingly clean scent.
So we know it’s working. And we know we’re safe.

Now with a pinch of Nature and a dash of science, we can make every indoors as pure, fresh, and healthy as the great outdoors.
So we can once again open our homes, and our hearts.

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