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Directors Adam VillaSenor, Reza Ghassemi, and Producer Jacob Stein Win another Filmfest Gold Award!

In Full Bloom
In post-WWII Tokyo, Japan’s undefeated boxing champion, Masahiro trains in the winter wilderness for his upcoming battle against the American challenger, Clint Sullivan.
Pitted against political tensions, the fighters’ parallel journeys will test the very limits of human spirit.

Written and Directed by Adam VillaSenor and Reza Ghassemi.

Cast & Crew – Daniel VillaSenor, Reymond VillaSenor, S. Scott McCracken, lead actor Yusuke Ogasawara, director duo Reza Ghassemi & Adam VillaSenor, lead actor Tyler Wood, Timothy V. Murphy, Kyle Stroud & Producer, Jacob Stein


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