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Exciting Announcement for WaxWrap™

WaxWrap™ Sustainable Food Storage

Jadi is retained by WaxWrap.™ to create a sustainable food storage consumer brand. Jadi work with WaxWrap™ includes strategy, branding, brand positioning, key message development, brand story, brand identity, art direction, design, product pattern design, package design, and creative content.

WaxWrap™ makes premium, organic, sustainable food storage products that exceed our customers’ needs and keep food fresh and delicious longer – reducing food waste, preventing tons of plastic from entering our landfills and oceans, all without BPA and PVC.

We believe that one good choice leads to another and that one step taken in the right direction can inspire a movement– those are our guiding principles. We’re equally committed to the health of people and the health of our planet. WaxWrap™ produces high-quality products that make sustainability effortless and load them with real benefits for your family.

WaxWrap.™ is created to lock in the freshness of your foods organically, made from only natural ingredients and free of BPA and PVC. Besides reducing food waste and vital resources that go along with producing, WaxWrap™ keeps plastics out of our air, oceans, landfills…and bodies. And when you can make life better for your family and the planet, it’s a decision you’ll feel confident making, again and again.


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Jadi™ WaxWrap™ Pattern Design

Jadi™ WaxWrap™ Branding



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