How Broad Thinking Yields Laser Focus

Getting to the heart of your brand, product or service is the first step in an integrated and connected chain, from planning to results.

BrandSight™, our proprietary planning platform provides the firm foundation to every Jadi marketing communications plan. This is not methodology for methodology’s sake. Every moment spent in strategy pays huge dividends in clarity, consensus and focus moving forward. There may be no better efficiency tool. From interviewing stakeholders to surveying the market to assembling and undertaking research, strategy takes many forms – all leading to one goal.

This process is time-intensive in the short term, but well worth it across the life of your brand.
These foundational steps become the guidepost for consistent messaging, unified marketing communications and smart initiatives through PR, media efforts, social media and more.

Every Jadi marketing plan is specific and individualized, the science behind the art, if you will.
Through research, experience and insight, we find the market opportunities that can’t be ignored.

The results? Alignment. Action. Achieving your goals

Our Strategy Planning Process Can:

Crystallize Market Insights

Spotlight Market Opportunities

Define Your Target

Develop Brand Vision and Mission Statements

Identify Key Differentiators and Competitive Advantages

Determine Strategic Positioning

Establish Brand Attributes and Personality Traits

Articulate Your Unique Value Proposition, Benefits and Key Messages

Conduct Primary Research

Compile and Leverage Secondary FIndings