Social Media


How Conversations Are Swirling About Your Brand

For many clients – especially traditional marketers from large companies – social media may be the hardest element of a cohesive strategy to really grasp or see the value of.

To use a definition, “social media stems from the creation and engagement of online experiences connecting people to your business.”

People who love your brand – or may have some issues with your brand – have unprecedented power and influence through social media. We help stimulate and provoke discussion. We manage
and shape the dialog. We listen and track who’s saying what and put your message in the best, most favorable light.

Our expertise lies in monitoring the online channels where consumers gather, identifying trendmakers and activating influencers to see how the dialog is changing, and to create and support content to keep your social media presence fresh and relevant. We even coach you on how to occupy this space effectively.

Our social media competencies include:

Social Media Monitoring

Influencer Identification

Social Intelligence

Viral Tracking

Social Media Campaigns

Community Management

Facebook Applications

Marketing Dashboards

Mobile Applications

Application Development