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A captivating virtual world that gives players the opportunity to transform themselves into their favorite animals, National Geographic Animal Jam encourages kids to celebrate their individuality and unleash their imaginations as they journey through the many lands of Jamaa.

Jadi conducted primary and secondary research prior to developing the worldwide strategic brand and marketing launch for this exciting game to include print advertising, digital advertising, web design & development, web marketing, media training, public relations and social media. As a result, National Geographic Animal Jam has over 2 million players and continues to grow as one of five most successful Massively Multiplayer Online Game launches ever.


Print Advertising




National Geographic Kids Magazine – Collector Cards


Nat Geo Animal Jam

Become your favorite animal
online and explore a lush tropical
world where you’ll uncover
secret quests full of discovery
and adventure.


Nat Geo Animal Jam

Experience ancient ruins, buzzing
jungles and secret caverns in
National Geographic’s wild online
world of exploration and discovery.


Nat Geo Animal Jam

Open your imagination to a
wild world of animals, mystery
and magic. Unlock the secrets
of Jamaa as you gather gems
along the way.


Nat Geo Animal Jam

Jump into the jungle to discover
an amazing online world from
National Geographic. Choose your
animal and set your spirit free!


Nat Geo Animal Jam

Go wild and seek knowledge in
the amazing animal world of
National Geographic. Choose
your path, play the games, live
the adventure!


Nat Geo Animal Jam

Express your wild side safely and
securely in National Geographic
Animal Jam. Explore, play, and
live it up as your favorite animal!


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Online Game – User Interface Design


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Game Identity and Tagline

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