Marvel Innovations

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Jadi begins global launch communications and branding work for Marvel Innovations. The result of a six-year collaboration between NASA scientists and the Skull Base Institute, the pioneers of minimally invasive brain surgery – unveiling the newest innovation in endoscopic surgical instrumentation.

Introducing MARVEL (Multi-Angle Rear-Viewing Endoscopic tooL) The world’s first 3D high-definition endoscope, under 4mm with 120-degree rotating tip. Marvel was recently named one of NASA’s top ten innovations of the year and regarded by many as the next great advancement in medical technology. Marvel’s on board camera features 3D/HD stereoscopic lenses that create an immersive environment, allowing surgeons to view the human body in virtual reality for the first time. Joystick controls permit 120-degree panoramic views, enabling Marvel visualization that can go where no other endoscope has gone before – seeing around tumors and structures with unparalleled safety.

Marvel HD