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Jadi was retained to create a refreshed brand and design direction for the new ESPN Rise website. This web portal is updated by the minute showcasing the latest high school sports information, player stats, training tips and more. ESPN Rise tips, reviews, training and our “Amplify Your Voice” sections serves as an online role model designed for high school kids to communicate and interact with each other and lean more about their respective sports.

This forum helps motivate and lead todays youth to work hard at their game of choice and achieve excellence in their respected fields to further their education and provide a sense of sports community.

Jadi composed and managed our secondary research team to review teen youth culture, web trends, sports events and and retail sports stores in addition to conducting interviews with local high school sports players prior to developing the ESPN Rise website’s new design direction. Today, the high school sports market continues to grow at a high rate reaching over 25 million kids in the United States alone.