Denise Roberson

President & CEO

Denise Roberson is president, CEO and cofounder of Jadi Communications (Jadi), a global leader in advertising, marketing and strategic services. Jadi has represented a broad range of clients, including Fortune 500 and world-class brands such as National Geographic, Mazda, Costco, Sony Pictures, NASA / Skull Base Institute, Procter & Gamble, Experian, and MemorialCare Health System. Setting a leadership tone that is strong and clear, Denise ensures her team is focused on quality, integrity, and the highest level of professionalism. She has an extremely visible management style and creates an innovative work environment that supports a commitment to excellence in everything Jadi does.

Denise has served in a board or advisory role for a number of organizations, including former president for the Skull Base Foundation, a non-profit group devoted to innovative research and education, with the goal of reducing economic burden for people afflicted with skull base and brain tumors. She serves on the board of directors for Marvel Innovations, a next-generation medical device company partnered with NASA. Denise is also a board member of the Mural, Music and Arts Project, a thriving community development organization that collaborates with Stanford University to connect the arts to positive youth outcomes.

With extensive operational experience, including profit and loss management, strategic partnerships, corporate leadership, strategy and lifecycle performance, Denise brings expertise in the tactical implementation of programs as well as a wealth of knowledge and insights about a client’s global vision. She is also well-versed in international marketing and business development, having worked throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Her ability to identify and strategically mine untapped opportunities, while keeping a finger on the pulse of emerging markets, makes Denise a rare and powerful asset for Jadi and its flourishing clients.

Denise was educated at the University of Southern California and Chapman University, where she studied both business administration and communications, with an emphasis on public relations and advertising. She continued to fulfill her lifelong passion for learning by attending the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, MDE program. At Pepperdine University, Denise completed the prestigious Presidents and Key Executives MBA program, where she is now serving as the content expert adviser for the marketing department. Finally, Denise is pursuing a doctoral degree in business sustainability at Business School Lausanne in Switzerland, where she hopes to contribute her skills to the business world by implementing models that substantiate the use of technology in creating brand value through sustainable initiatives, and encourage corporations to care for the planet and the people who comprise it, while enhancing the bottom line.

An avid lover of travel and advanced scuba diver, Denise enjoys reading the classics, soccer, live music and gourmet food.